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Not everyone wants to read online. In order to reach the patients who need us most, we have written several guides to educate patients on hearing loss and available treatments. Simply click the links on this page and we will send you informative tips from our hearing loss specialists at no cost to you.

Our FREE Hearing Guide Allows You to See All of Your Options Instantly!

Many hearing loss sufferers put off the decision to have their hearing tested for months—or even years—because they don’t know what will happen after they make an appointment. Will they be forced to buy a hearing aid? Will they be subjected to a high-pressure sale, or bullied into buying a bunch of accessories they don’t actually want? You want more information, but you’re not willing… Read More

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Overcome Hearing Loss Today With Our Free Information Pack!
Collier Otolaryngology Hearing Center

At first, the problem with your ears was merely annoying. You had to turn up the TV and ask people to repeat themselves. Maybe you even found yourself shouting to a confused crowd. Now, you’re afraid to go out in public, have trouble hearing road and traffic noises when you drive—and you’re terrified that someone in your family will find out how bad your condition… Read More

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Take the 10-Day Hearing Challenge!
Collier Otolaryngology Hearing Center

Many patients will suffer with hearing loss symptoms for years before looking for a corrective device. At Collier Otolaryngology Hearing Center, we make it easy for patients to take control of their lives with the 10-Day Hearing Challenge. For ten days, patients can use our most popular device, the Dream Micro, in the privacy of their own homes. This 100% digital device makes it possible… Read More

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Better Hearing Starts With Our Free Hearing Screening
Collier Otolaryngology Hearing Center

You wouldn’t be the first among your friends and colleagues to get a hearing aid, but that doesn’t make it any easier. You have been putting off making an appointment with a hearing care specialist for several years, hoping your hearing just won’t get any worse. We know how hard it can be to live with hearing loss—the effort it takes to follow conversations, the… Read More

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