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Free Consumer GuideMany hearing loss sufferers put off the decision to have their hearing tested for months—or even years—because they don’t know what will happen after they make an appointment. Will they be forced to buy a hearing aid? Will they be subjected to a high-pressure sale, or bullied into buying a bunch of accessories they don’t actually want?

You want more information, but you’re not willing to put yourself in a situation that makes you uncomfortable. So what can you do?

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The audiologists and staff at Collier Otolaryngology Hearing Center know how overwhelming the hearing correction process can be. That is why we have created a special step-by-step guide to patients understand their condition, evaluate their treatment options, and discover what life will be like with a hearing aid—all without leaving their home.

Our guide can answer many of your questions, including:

  • What happens in a hearing test?
  • How is hearing loss diagnosed?
  • What is tinnitus, and who suffers from it?
  • How do hearing aids reverse hearing loss?
  • How can hearing aids prevent dementia and isolation?
  • When should patients consider phone and television accessories?
  • Which products are the best fit for your type of hearing loss?
  • How often should you clean and maintain your device?
  • How can you choose the right hearing solution for you?

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