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At first, the problem with your ears was merely annoying. You had to turn up the TV and ask people to repeat themselves. Maybe you even found yourself shouting to a confused crowd. Now, you’re afraid to go out in public, have trouble hearing road and traffic noises when you drive—and you’re terrified that someone in your family will find out how bad your condition has gotten.

Our Free Information Can Restore Much More Than Your Hearing

Every day spent with an untreated hearing condition places enormous stress on your shoulders. At Collier Otolaryngology Hearing Center, we help ease the burden our patients are under even before they enter our doors. In our free information pack, we explain the most common hearing conditions and our solutions to help you get back to living an independent, stress-free life.

Our information pack contains everything you need to start exploring the world of hearing loss and modern solutions, including:

  • Our Consumer Guide to hearing aid types, models, and accessories
  • Information on the causes of hearing loss and degrees of hearing correction
  • Tips for keeping your old hearing aid running like new
  • Ways to improve hearing conditions without hearing aids
  • How to help your family understand and cope with your condition
  • Answers on what causes ringing in the ears and how to get permanent relief

…and much, much more!

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