About the Hearing Aid Services at Collier Otolaryngology Hearing Center

Collier Otolaryngology staff photoAt Collier Hearing Center in Naples patients are treated with professionalism and care within an environment where continual education is a priority for our professionals.

Our primary goal of is to assess your hearing, provide you with the results, and make any audiology-based recommendations that apply. If there is a hearing loss that is not medically treatable we will work with you to develop a course of treatment based on your specific needs, lifestyle and budget.

We accomplish this through our multidisciplinary clinical approach to the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with hearing disorders.

Our patients receive the finest hearing care available from highly trained, audiologists, and hearing instrument specialists. Our professionals are able to utilize the most advanced technologies and are given excellent support and on-going training to ensure they provide consistent and respectful treatment.

It is our mission that each patient who walks through our door is provided with every opportunity to improve their quality of life through better hearing.