Take the 10-Day Hearing Challenge!

Many patients will suffer with hearing loss symptoms for years before looking for a corrective device. At Collier Otolaryngology Hearing Center, we make it easy for patients to take control of their lives with the 10-Day Hearing Challenge.

For ten days, patients can use our most popular device, the Dream Micro, in the privacy of their own homes. This 100% digital device makes it possible for patients with varying degrees of hearing loss to hear conversations and soft noises clearly, and is so small nobody will know you are wearing it.

How Does the Challenge Work?

We will provide Florida hearing loss patients with a digital hearing aid free of charge for ten days. All participants will asked to evaluate the device and are qualified to receive a free hearing evaluation from our hearing care specialists. As a bonus, the first 100 participants will receive a free cordless phone that streams sound directly to your hearing device, making phone conversations a breeze.

It’s easy to join! Simply fill out the contact form on this page or call (239) 592-7212 to make an appointment at Collier Otolaryngology Hearing Center today. There’s nothing to lose, so sign up for the 10-Day Challenge today!

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