Smartphone Apps That Help People With Hearing Loss

We rely on our smartphones for everything these days, so it’s no wonder people with hearing loss can now install apps that help them in everyday situations. Check out these helpful apps to find one that works for you.

Five Apps for People With Hearing Loss

While you will find a variety of apps available for download, we think these types of app are particularly helpful:

  • Hearing screenings. For people who are anxious about going to a hearing professional for a formal test, a hearing test app can be a great first step. It is also a great way to test a reluctant family member and convince her to get the help she needs. Look for an app that asks specific questions about your experiences and provides clear results.
  • Movie locators. These apps help people with hearing loss find subtitled and captioned movies near them. They can even stream movie previews so you know what to expect. If having captions makes movie watching more enjoyable for you, these apps will eliminate the frustrating search for just the right movie.
  • Noise-measuring apps. We know we should avoid loud noises to protect our hearing, but how loud is too loud? These apps measure sound levels and warn you if the volume reaches a damaging level. This type of app can be invaluable for those who already have some hearing loss and want to protect themselves from further loss. It will also help those who understand the significance of hearing loss protect those around them.
  • Hearing loss simulators. While your friends and family members may sympathize with your hearing loss, they can’t truly understand what it’s like to struggle to hear. With a hearing loss simulator app, they can experience what it’s like to live with hearing loss. These apps are also great tools for explaining your hearing loss to an employer or co-worker.
  • Amplification apps. If you are not yet ready for a hearing aid, an amplification app may be just the tool you need to hear in certain situations. Using your smartphone as a speaker, this app can amplify a television or a conversation and play it through headphones so only you hear the louder sounds.

We Can Provide a Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation

While smartphone apps like these can help you get by when you suffer from hearing loss, there is no substitution for a thorough evaluation and professional diagnosis of your hearing loss. Call one of our offices in Naples to schedule an appointment today.

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