How to Avoid Damage to Your Hearing Aids This Summer

During the summer months, you are more likely to be exposed to moisture in your everyday activities. This can be damaging to your hearing aids; however, there are a many ways that you can protect your hearing devices while staying outside and active this season.

Protecting Your Hearing Aids

Pool and lake water, sweat, and humidity can all contribute to damage to your hearing aids, such as a decline in sound quality, hearing aid malfunction and a shorter battery life. Here are some steps you can take to protect them from water damage:

  • Let your hearing aids dry at night: Each night, open the battery compartment, remove the batteries and allow your hearing aids to dry out before using them the next morning.
  • Be cognizant of your surroundings: Before getting into a pool (even if you don’t plan to get your ears wet), take your hearing aids out and store them in a cool, dry location. If you do choose to leave them in while swimming, avoid exposing them to large splashes.
  • Check the weather: Humidity and rain can also cause damage to your hearing aids. If you’re going to be outside for an extended period of time, make sure that you know what to expect from the weather. On rainy or humid days, consider going without your hearing aids or have a safe place to store them.
  • Exercise with caution: If you’re exercising indoors, protect your hearing aids by removing them during your workout. Consider staying indoors for your workouts on hot and humid days and, when you do exercise, keep your workout mild to avoid excessive perspiration.
  • Be wary of sunscreen: Sunscreen and tanning lotions can also cause damage to hearing aids. Let these products dry completely or wash them off of your hands prior to handling your hearing aids.
  • Consider water-resistant hearing aids: Particularly active individuals may choose to purchase hearing aids that are not affected by splashes of water and sweat.

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