Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Care Tips to Preserve the Life of Your Hearing Aid

Your hearing aid has improved your life in so many ways, you can’t imagine going back to the life you had before. But every so often, you’re thrown back into the days of straining to hear conversations and blasting the TV and radio—all because your device suddenly gave out.

Hearing Aid Care and Maintenance Tips

The good news is that many hearing aid wearers can prevent sudden breakdowns by performing regular maintenance on their devices. These measures range from storage to cleaning, and only take a few moments to keep your device in perfect working order—and even extend the life of your device for several years.

Your hearing aid will deliver the best possible sound if you perform these simple actions:

  • Daily: You should keep your device away from all types of liquids, including hairspray, aftershave, or even steam from the shower. Before you go to sleep, switch off your hearing aid to save battery life. Make sure you store your hearing aid in a cool, dry place. If you don’t plan to use your hearing aid for a few days (or longer), remove the batteries before storing your device.
  • Weekly: Light cleaning on your hearing aid is recommended at least once a week. Clean the outer casing with a cleaning cloth to remove oils and debris. Next, use a dry cotton swab or brush from the maintenance kit to clean the battery contacts to prevent device from “cutting out.”
  • Monthly: Depending on how often you use your device, your hearing aid batteries and wax filter should replaced about once a month. You can avoid sudden device failure by keeping extra batteries on hand and reviewing the care guide that was included with your device.

And a final reminder: Never insert small or sharp objects—such as pins, toothpicks, or razor blades—into any part of your device.

What If Maintenance Is Not Enough to Restore Clear Sound?

While there are no downsides to cleaning and maintaining your device, some hearing aid failures are simply beyond your control. The easiest way to discover what is wrong with your device is to have it examined by a hearing care specialist. If your hearing aid has been repaired in the past or is more than five years old, it s possible that the components have simply worn out. In some cases, it’s not the device that has stopped working, but changes in the person’s hearing that has made the device less effective.

At Collier Otolaryngology Hearing Center, we can diagnose the problem, perform full cleaning and repair services on your device, and offer flexible financing options on all of our hearing aids if your device is beyond repair. Come and visit us today to see what we can do for you!

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